Combined Hair and Beauty Level 1

You will cover the range of essential practical skills and knowledge which will help you understand and do the industry basics:

Combined Hair and Beauty Level 1 image
Combined Hair and Beauty Level 1 image
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What will the course involve?

You will cover the range of essential practical skills and knowledge which will help you understand and do the industry basics:

  • Introduction to hair and beauty
  • Styling women’s hair
  • Skin care in beauty
  • Shampoo and condition hair and scalp
  • Basic manicure and nail art
  • Presenting a professional image of yourself
  • Colouring hair and roots
  • Plaiting and twisting
  • Health and safety in the salon

Entry requirements

  • A keen interest in hair and beauty and want to learn basic skills
  • You must meet deadlines and be committed to your course.
  • If you do not hold a grade 4+ in English and/or maths you will need to study Functional Skills.
  • You will be able to take part in enrichment activities including competitions and a placement.


You will need a kit and uniform which we will provide.


  • Practical assessments
  • You will complete some assignments and may need to sit online exams for Functional Skills.

General comments

You must have professional values and behaviours and have excellent attendance.

What will the course lead to?

You may develop your skills more with a level 2 course in hair or beauty or an Apprenticeship or you could study barbering. Another option in the future is to work on cruise liners or further qualifications could lead to teaching/assessing and onto a degree.

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Level One Case Study


Max went to Pindar School and now studies at The Academy. Max has been learning skills for the hair industry and enjoys a placement in a salon one day per week. He has also passed Level 1 maths and English at The Academy. Max will be staying at The Academy next year to study Level 2. He also enjoys doing practical assessments on clients at the salon in the The Academy.

Max image